Reflection Essay on learning stories custom essay

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I would like you to mention that the reading stories were a new concept to me. In reading these articles and competing my learning story assignment, I was able to see firsthand what a valuable asset they are for evaluating and communicating with the child, as well as with the parents and families. You can also add that I like the way they take a “credit” rather then a deficit mode in evaluating children, thus portraying their qualities which works to build self-esteem, and self-efficacy in children making them well rounded and thus able to face any challenges that come their way later in life

The components that I expect are as follows:

1.What are you reflecting about? (share a quote, describe an incident, etc.)
2.What were your feelings about it? Why?
3.What further thinking about it do you have?
4.What kind of action may you take based on your feelings/thinking?
5.What did you learn about yourself through this reflection?
6.Based on this learning what growth do you see yourself needing to do?

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