Reflections from Practice custom essay

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Please use the Textbook by Peter Senge The Fifth Discipline as your reference. The most updated version. Please just answer the quesiton and no more.

Reflections from Practice
The six final chapters ( section Reflections from Practice) of this revised and updated Fifth Discipline are devoted to what has been learned after putting the concepts into practice for the past 20 years. They cover what have been discovered to be the foundations as well as what will be emphasized in the future. While the original 1990 book described the five disciplines and the rationale for a learning organization, these six chapters take the concepts a step further, a meta level of thinking. For example, personal mastery, mental models, team learning and shared vision really refer to change through conversation and the concept of a culture of reflective openness. Another example, part of the leader’s new work is as designer and teacher for long term sustainability.
Using these six chapters highlight in your own words what speaks to you on the extension of the original concepts in the first 216 pages over the past 20 years and your observations of how you can carry the concepts forward. In your responses continue to practice inquiry and meaningful questions.

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