Reflections: Nursing Foundation in Community Health Custom Essay

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Utilized the Learning Resources that is included which are two articles and some supplemental Web sites on early nursing leaders in public or community health. In this paper, reflect on these or other historical nursing figures who has helped guide the way to healthier communities.

First Paragraph: – Cite two specific, innovative practices advocated by nurse leaders to promote health or prevent disease in communities.

Second paragraph:
-Based on your own experience, do you think their insights are applicable or inapplicable to community health initiatives today?

Third paragraph
-Summarized the paper

Resources: Readings ?Course Text: Vulnerable Populations in the United States Chapter 2??Community Determinants and Mechanisms of Vulnerability? Why do certain factors, particularly race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and health insurance coverage, correlate with negative health outcomes? This chapter describes the historical background, theory, and current social trends of these key risk factors for vulnerability. Chapter 3??The Influence of Individual Risk Factors? This chapter reviews a broad range of evidence on the relationship between individual vulnerability characteristics and poor healthcare access, quality, and status. ?Article: Jones, K., Spinks, M., Birrell, J., & Young, N. (2009). Lessons from a guru. Nursing Standard, 23(19), 20-22. Retrieved from the Walden Library using the MEDLINE with Full-Text database: ?Article: Plummer, M., & Molzahn, A. E. (2009). Quality of life in contemporary nursing theory: A concept analysis. Nursing Science Quarterly, 22(2), 134-140. Retrieved from the Walden Library using the SAGE Premier 2010 database,

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