Reflective Journals Essay

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Reflective Journals is to be at least 300 words and no more than 400 words Long (excluding references and reference list) written in essay format.
This assessment item relates to the course Learning Outcome number 1, 2, 3, and 4 as stated on page 1 of the Course Profile.
Details You are required to submit and maintain three (3) Reflective Journals each worth 10% for MGMT 11165. Your journal will be submitted through turn-it-in. You will be expected to submit three (3) Reflective Journals to your on a fortnightly basis.
Task Each fortnight, you are to choose one of the Supplementary reading from the weekly readings that have been placed in Moodle. You are to provide a Reflective Journals that has three distinct sections see marking sheet and markers Comments for lay out. Students are to do the following in your Reflective Journal;
• provide a synopsis of your chosen paper
• give a critique of your chosen paper
• You are to reflect upon the paper’s content, particularly how that content enhances your
understanding of the topics discussed in that fortnight.
• You are to find a practical business example to support your argument. These examples can
be from the internet, books, journal articles or any other source but you must reference where you have sourced your information from.
• You are to include the title and author/s of your chosen paper in your Reflective Journal.
These do not count towards the word limit as noted above. You must use correct Harvard
referencing in your Reflective Journal.
Further information will be given to you by your tutor in class.
Please do not use Chat room spelling conventions or similar abbreviations in your Reflective Journal as this will detract from the overall impression of your work.
The limit of 400 words does not include the article title and author reference.
Assessment item 1 – Assessment criteria
Each week is worth 10 marks and will be marked as follows:
Marks Criteria Rating
8.5-10 Exceptional response:
The response shows insight and demonstrates an ability to compare and contrast ideas being presented. Shows an understanding of the paper and reflects upon the learning value and adds knowledge.
Excellent practical example has been given.
7.5-8.4 Very Good response:
There is good evidence of applying knowledge and understanding to the chosen paper some demonstration of an ability to compare and contrast ideas being presented. The response has clarity and good practical example has been given.
6.5-t.4 Good response:
There is some evidence of applying knowledge and understanding to the chosen paper. The response lacks clarity. Practical example given 5-6.4 Acceptable response:
Provided is generally accurate but no insight or reflection is offered.
Practical example given 0-5 Unsatisfactory response Practical example not given and the response lacks insight and does not demonstrate an overall understanding of the paper.
0 No response: The required blog was not posted.
Note: Copy detection software is used in this course and any work found in the process of
running this software will be investigated. You may lose marks for any part of your assignment that is identified as plagiarism by this process.
Prepared by Jeremy PC.o Nurosev aPkro Cfiloeu frosre: MPGroMfiTl1e 1f1o6r5: ,M 20G1M1 TTe1rm11 T6h5r,e 2e0 -1 P1a gTee r7m Two – Page 4 of 9 Marking sheet and markers Comments
(Must be attached to your Reflective Journals)
Student Name
Student No.
Reflective Journals Number and Journal used Overall Result / 100

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