Regulatory and Economic Environment Assignment 2 Working in small groups you are to investigate the business environment of a company of your choice which is either based in the UK or has a large presence in the UK market. As a result of your research custom essay

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Answer all the 5 question
s, also follow the lecture slides step by step to make sure you cover every important marketing concept. This is a focussed more on marketing so numbers are not as important so dont includes things like ratios or balance sheet figures but focus more on the busines strategy side of things and marketing side. Please do detailed swot analysis because this is the main part of the essay, there is a flow chart that is provided in the lecture slides.
So in a way its where we were, then where we are and finally where we want to be.. also what challanges are facing us and our industry and how do we intend to face these challanges.
NOTE: Please use every diagram in the lecture slides i.e boston matrix, swot analysis, swot, ansoff matrix. Focussing mainly on SWOT analysis.

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