Reinforcing gender stereotypes through media custom essay

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You will select three to four source texts from the assigned readings in Unit 2 to analyze in detail. Your selected texts may be supportive of your position or may be contrastive to your claim. Your analysis of the source texts should provide you with a new and insightful look at the issue. As you develop your essay, you will demonstrate your ability to craft an original thesis and synthesize relevant information from the three to four source texts. For Assignment 2A, you are required to: a) give a background for your choice of topic; b) do a literature review of between three to four sources from the list of readings for Assignment 2A & 2B; c) end Assignment 2A by formulating a thesis and/or research question(s) for your Research Paper (Assignment 2B). Assignment 2A specifications Your essay should be between 500 to 700 words (inclusive). In Assignment 2B, you will develop your idea further. You will read more sources to gain a broader or novel perspective on the issues which you explored in Assignment 2A. You will then craft your thesis statement for the Research Paper. You should think of the research paper as your argument for a point of view, not as a display of your research. For this assignment, you have to use 4 source texts from Unit 2 and three other sources outside the course pack to explore the issue of gender and the media. You must not choose source texts that were discussed in class or were chosen for Assignment 1. You should think of the research paper as your argument for a point of view, not as a display of your research. Assignment specifications for 2B Your essay should be between 1800 to 2000 words (inclusive). The recommended presentation for your essay is as follows: Spacing: double Font type: Times New Roman Font size: 12 Margin: one inch margin on all four sides. Referencing style: APA For citation, pls do it throughout the text, ie after every point by author, pls quote the author and article immediately Do let me know how to upload the source texts as i’m having problem attaching them to the attachment option

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