(religion and science)Deists have argued that God created an ordered universe but does not act in the world at all, Then why?” Custom Essay

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I have to attach my approved annotated bibliography for you to complete this research paper. Deists have argued that God created an ordered universe but does not act in the world at all, Then why?”

Research Paper

Write a Research Paper on your approved selected research topic by utilizing your sources gathered for the Annotated Bibliography.
Utilize the Annotated Bibliography as a building block for the Research Paper (DRP). You are writing a research paper using at least 6-8 sources from your Annotated Bibliography.
The Research Paper needs to be 6 to 8 pages of text, not including title page, abstract, table of contents, and References.
Remember you must document your writing. You must paraphrase and cite sources internally.

Instructor Notes

Scientific Atheism

Scientific atheism, the claim that a modern scientific worldview excludes religious belief, has been around for a long time, but it received new strength from the work of Richard Dawkins, culminating in the publication of The God Delusion in 2006. Dawkins is committed to the view that the gene and not the organism is the principal unit of selection and that the complex organization we find in nature is the result of the blind operation of natural selection and other physical laws. This excludes the argument from design, made popular William Paley, whose work we discussed in an earlier module and, for Dawkins, the idea of God. The difficulty with this view is that the argument from design is very far from being the only argument for the existence of God, as we saw in an earlier module. But Dawkins goes further and challenges the idea, which is central to the cosmological argument, that there cannot be an infinite regress of causes. The cosmological argument, we will remember, argues that everything has a cause, and that since there cannot be an infinite chain of causes going backward, there must be a first cause which is, further, Necessary Being, or God, having the power of Being in itself. The problem with Dawkins’ argument is that the aim of contemporary scientific theory is a unification: coming up with one single theory which explains everything, without itself requiring explanation, and thus to avoid an infinite regress of causes.

Case Studies:
You now have considerable background in the science and religion debates. Consider Dawkins’ arguments and the responses to them suggested above. Then consider three of the theologians considered in the cases studies section of your text. What, if anything, do they have to contribute to this debate? Where do you stand.

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