Religion and Theology; Casey Sternes article showing the criteria needed to make it part of the apocalyptic genre custom essay

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Most of intructions to assignment is upon the attachment that says “assignment 2”. After you read it the criteria to meet a apocalypse will be in the attached file “Lesson 3”. also check this source for what makes it a apocalyspe,+ed.+Mitchell+G.+Reddish.+Peabody+%28MA%29,+1995&ots=7KhwsgfbKV&sig=P4LfO8Jz7ZJ2FqwKl6ydufwH5JQ#v=onepage&q=In%20Apocalyptic%20Literature%3A%20A%20Reader%2C%20ed.%20Mitchell%20G.%20Reddish.%20Peabody%20%28MA%29%2C%201995&f=false. It is the Casey Sternes article showing the criteria needed to make it part of the apocalyptic genre.
I will give another file in “Lesson 5” and “Lesson 7” will see somewhat of a guide line to write the paper. Attachments labelled “lesson” are just lecture notes from the professor so it is quick read but make sure you go over “lesson 3” because that lays out the criteria to what an apocalypse is, same with Casey Sternes article

Read the Similitudes of Enoch then do the readings for it In Apocalyptic Literature: A Reader, ed. Mitchell G. Reddish. Peabody (MA), 1995: 163?187 (which includes some information on the text and the translation of the text itself). And as well read; John J. Collins, The Apocalyptic Imagination. Grand Rapids, 1998: 177?193 (which includes general information on the text and a comment). These instructions in assignment 2 but do Similitudes of Enoch lastly find a third source as well.

I did some of the readings for from Reddish for instance first part talks about context of the literature the background of the literature. Passage 40 is apocalyptic text because the angels (angels being super human being) reveal a secret to him and same with passage 41. These are just a few examples of an apocalyptic texts. Make sure you also use other source as the John Collins for to do the assignment as well. Do let me know if you have any questions. Please do do read the “assignment 2” carefully then read my order description if you are still confused please do ask the questions on how to clarify the assignment.

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