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THE OUTLINE: Nature of Religion — First Paper Theories For this paper, you will outline the theories of religion studied so far. Be sure you have Tillich and Eliade, and be sure to show Smith’s points regarding the study of religion. You should be using just the material we’ve covered in class. There is no need for outside research, and this may, in fact, harm your grade for this assignment. After you’ve covered their basic definitions, consider the following. It is the cover of a sarcophagus, designed for a king. Don’t worry about identifying it. Use the theorists we’ve studied to explore how they would encounter the scene depicted here. Things to keep in mind: -The paper should be 3-5 pages, typewritten, 12 point font and using Times New Roman or an otherwise readable font. -Always show where you are getting your information. You should be quoting from our theorists and including proper notation (as well as a separate bibliography). -Don’t just retell the theories: really show that you understand what they’re saying and how they relate. -Pull as much as you can logically from the illustration. Don’t read in what isn’t there, but use the illustrations to illustrate your points. -Look at this from the perspective of Tillich, Smith, and Eliade..not yours! Remember, too, that this is a scholarly paper, and that you should refrain from the use of “I” in formal writing. -It is worth 15% of your grade. -Don’t cheat! Have fun! Don’t forget submission! NO OUTSIDE information in the essay. KEEP IT SIMPLE JUST EXPLAIN THEM AS IF YOUR TRYING TO TEACH IT TO ME AND RELATE IT TO CERTAIN QUOTES THEYYY SAID IN THEIR BOOK!! 3. The ONLY 3 references i want you to use is A. Mircea Eliade- The Sacred and Profane- ONLY Introduction and Chapter 1 (Sacred Space) B. Paul Tillich- ONLY introduction (religion as a dimension of mans spiritual life) C. Wilfred Cantwell Smith, The Meaning and End of Religion- chap 1(introduction), chapter 2 (religion in the west) but dont get too involved with the “religio” etymologies and chap 3(other cultures-the religions). IF YOU DONT HAVE THE BOOKS, THEY COULD BE FOUND ONLINE, JUST GOOGLE IT! NO OTHER BOOKKS CAN BE USED, I CANT SEEM TO STRESS THIS ANYMORE! AND VERY IMPORTANTLY THERE IS AN IMAGE THAT I NEED YOU TO EXPLAIN WHAT TILLICH, ELIADE, SMITH WOULD SAY IF THEY LOOKED AT IT. WHAT THEY THINK IT WOULD MEAN…THIS IS HALF THE GRADE AND IT NEEDS TO BE COMPLETED AS WELL. NOW ABOUT THE IMAGE FOCUS ON THE POSITION OF THE MAN. HE IS IN THE CENTER, ONE OF THE THEOLOGIANS SAID SOMETHING ABOUT CENTERING. FOR ONE OF THEM YOUR NOT GOING TO GET MUCH, AND FOR THE THIRD THEOLOGIAN FOCUS ON THE RELIGIOUS ASPECTS SURROUNDING THE MAN WESTERN RELIGION( IM GUESSING THATS SMITH). HAVE FUN WITH IT BUT MENTION THOSE POINTS ESPECIALLY THE POSITION OF THE MAN AND HOW IT RELATES TO ONE OF THE THEOLOGIANS PERSPECTIVE ON RELIGION. SO PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ABOVE. AND REMEMBER WRITE LIKE A HIGHSCHOOL STUDENT NOTTT A PROFESSORR!!!! NOW LET ME GIVE YOU AN IDEA ABOUT THE THEOLOGIANS THEORIES SO YOU KNOW YOUR ON THE RIGHT TRACK AND READING THE CORRECT REFERENCES. TILLICH- TILLICH BELIEVES GOD AND THE PEOPLE WILL NEVER MEET. WE HAVE A TENDENCY TO THINK RELIGION=CHURCH, THE SACRED SHOULD BE BEYOND US. CHURCH IS NOT THE ULTIMATE. IF WE MAKE THE INSTITUTIONS (CHURCH) THE HOLY WE LOST THE SCARED BEYOND THE CHURCH. WE MUST THINK OF THE CHURCH AND THE BIBLE AS A SYMBOL THAT COULD HELP US REACH THE ULTIMATE ELIADE- THE HOLY MANIFESTED HIMSELF HERE, IT SHOWS HIMSELF TO US, IN THESE OBJECTS AROUND US. WE RECOGNIZE SOMETHING SCARED IN OUR WORLD AROUND US. THIS IS WHERE THE HOLY MANIFEST ITSELF. IT REVEALS ITSELF TO US. SMITH I DONT KNOW MUCH ABOUT. BUT YOU MUST EXPLAIN ALL THREE THEORIES, STATE WHAT I SAID IN THE ESSAY AND ADD ON TO IT, DEVELOP IT AND SUPPORT IT, AND PAY ATTENTION TO THE WAY I AM WRITING. VERY SIMPLE! AND THATS HOW I WANT MY ESSAY TO BE, VERY SIMPLE TO UNDERSTAND.

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