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The assignment can be based on a case study of your own choosing or the example case study provided. The case study company wishes to implement an EMS to the ISO14001 standard. In order to assist the company, you are to begin the planning for the EMS. Your assignment will be a report to the company management. Your assessment submission should include the following: a) A draft of the environmental management system manual indicating how the system that you have developed matches the requirements of ISO 14001 b) A draft of the legislation record that you think may apply c) A procedure for the evaluation of the environmental aspects appropriate to the operation of the company d) A record of the identified environmental aspects and an evaluation of one of the aspects in order to demonstrate the application of significance ratings applied to the aspects e) A record of the required objectives and targets relevant for the current year, and a supporting environmental management programme f) Any other materials that you think may support the development of the EMS within this organisation such as recommendations for the implementation stage It should be about 3,000 words in length, although the use of diagrams and flowcharts is encouraged and these may replace the need for wordy explanations.

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