Research Design Paper on the International Monetary Fund custom essay

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This is an International Relations Research class. By the end of the semester we have to finish this research paper. This paper is divided into various parts. This is the Research Design. As stated in the syllabus: “Prior to conducting actual research, each student must submit and present a research design proposal to the class. The written research design proposal will incorporate previous RPAs (research question, literature review) and will establish a plan for the remaining research to be conducted, using the Research Evaluation Criteria as a template.”
Your paper should not exceed 10 double-spaced pages (remember, you already have 5-7 pages from your literature review!) and should be written in a standard 12-point font with 1 margins. Include your name, the submission date, and the course number on the first page, and page numbers on all pages except for the first page. Be sure to correctly cite sources using the Turabian citation style (guide posted to Blackboard) and include a full bibliography of works cited.

I will be attaching the work I have done thus far, together with the corrections of my instructor. I will also be attaching the Research Evaluation Criteria, as well as some stuff we’ve been doing in class. Again, this is NOT the final paper. This is just the Research Design.

Your RDP paper should begin with a discussion of REC 1 and 2. You should use the material that you have already written for your question and literature review here, but you may not simply cut and paste this material into the RDP paper?you should incorporate revisions based on the feedback that you have received. These sections should be written in standard paragraph format. You may use a bullet point format for the subsequent sections where you discuss REC #3-6. You should draw on both your research and the course material in providing evidence for your claims and in justifying your choices.

In this assignment to provide a plan for my research by choosing cases, defining and operationalizing concepts, identity info. and explain methodologies + research methods (ie most similar systems and most different systems)

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