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2000 word essay outlining the main arguments contained in the literature relevant to your research objective(s) of the chosen topic that has already been addressed in the following paragraphs. Presentation of Literature Review & Conceptual Framework. Below is the introduction of my research objectives and proposal TOPIC: Organisational Human Resource Management with the Aid of Enterprise Resource Planning. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a computer-based application used to manage internal and external resources including assets, financial resources, materials, and human resources. The main purpose of this application is to facilitate the flow of information between all business operations within an organization and manage the interest with stakeholders and clients. The application in most cases is built on a centralized database and utilizing a common computer or server with access to specific individuals within the organization. ERP systems merge all operations into a uniform system environment using applications and software’s such as Oracle, Orange HRM, LATRIX and Microsoft dynamics which has aided company capabilities in financial planning and budgeting, project management, supply chain management, performance management and most importantly human resource management (HRM) Human Resource Management covers the most valuable asset of an organization – the employee and all its related needs covering factors such as recruitment and training, employee performance, firing and hiring and lastly payroll and benefits. The development of Human capital is very important in any organization because it assists the organization to attain the most desired goals through human capital. The employees of an organization has the responsibility of performing their duties at the most satisfactory level while the organization also has the responsibility of employee welfare, continuous training and most importantly developing them in other duties they may take up in future. The application of human resource management differs in different organizations from the small business where management directly oversee the employee related needs and assess employees on regular basis to the multinational organizations where the management have applications used to effectively manage all aspect of employee related issues.. The research is focused on Human Resource Management using Nigeria as a case study with objectives as follows; acceptance HRM software/application usage in private and public sectors, infrastructure support for the application with Nigeria, evaluation of the civil service exposure to the advantages and use HRM application, familiarization of employees to the conduct of business with the application HRM solutions and benefit and availability of skilled manpower in the application of HRM and attitude to work. This research is focused on the Nigerian public and private sector with a critical view at managing and utilization of its human resources. There are certain problems that might occur in organizations especially in private organizations where the acceptance and usage of ERP solutions are not supported in human resource management, where there is availability of infrastructure to support the usage of ERP/HR package and availability of skilled manpower and in government civil service where there is no familiarization of the civil servants to the usage and conduct of government, exposure of the civil service to democratically elected dispensation and availability of skilled manpower within the civil service and attitude to work. In carrying out this research work, a questionnaire will be developed and distributed to management and employees of private and public organizations. Our approach will focus more on mid, junior and contract staff of the organizations since they are the once directed affected by the policies made by the organizations. Same question will include; what do you understand by Human Resource Management, do you have a human resource employee within your organization, what kind HRM application do you engage within your organization and do you receive support from the software manufacturer, if you do, is the support available locally or you have to source internationally.

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