Research Paper; Langston Hughes custom essay

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You are making quality of a work of art judgement about a literary work. You are testing your views about that work against the views of experts. Step 1 – Langston Hughes, find 2 works by that author (2 short stories) that share some component: theme, character, setting, style that are the basis of creating an idea. Step 2: Once you find that shared characteristic…what about it? What idea do I have about that element? (Do not include biographical details focus on their works) Thesis has to be repeated word for word in 1st paragraph after introduction and on outline page. In the thesis you must name the short stories you are using. Step 3: Whatever comment or observation you make in the paper you must support with quotes from the stories and quotes from scholarly sources – critics of academics….You must include a synopsis of each short story and include it on the outline. detailed Instructions and example from my instructor will be uploaded for accuracy. The example has 3 short stories but only 2 are needed. The Instructor will submit paper through turnitin in blackboard for plagiarism.

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