Research Paper Surveying a Popular Algorithm Custom Essay

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This assignment consists of writing a research paper surveying a popular algorithm. Your paper
must conform to the American Psychological Association (APA) writing style. There are many
good online resources for the APA style. Your paper should use reputable references. Books and
journal articles are the best types of references. A couple of Web references are fine, but it is best
to avoid using websites unless they are from universities or legitimate corporations (do not cite
or use Wiki or type websites). Your paper should use 11pt or 12pt font size for the
main text. Other text such as figure and table labels, if applicable, should be no smaller then
10pt. This assignment weighs 15% of your course grade.

A typical research paper for this assignment is about 7-10 double spaced pages (not including the
cover page or reference page). Sample research papers from other classes are available in the
folder named Survey Paper Examples and Resources in the Other Notes section within the
Course Documents area in Blackboard. These papers are not perfect, but they will give you an
idea on what a good research paper looks like.
An example survey paper template is also provided for download for your convince in the Other
Notes > Survey Paper Examples and Resources. You can use this template if you like, but it is
not required; however, your paper must follow the APA style of writing.

Choose one of the following algorithms areas to write about. Potential algorithm topics are
included in parenthesis as example.
1. Hashing Algorithms (e.g. SHA-3, Cryptography algorithms, Digital signature algorithms)
2. Memory Management (e.g. Garbage Collection, Buddy Systems)
3. Compression Algorithms (e.g. LZO, ZIP, ARC, Data differencing, Huffman Coding)
4. String Matching (e.g Google’s PageRank algorithm)

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