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Customer needs college level writer not university he research proposal assignment is a one to two (1 – 2) page, single-spaced proposal of your research topic. In this assignment, you will try to persuade me) that your project topic is worth pursuing. Refer to pages 588 and 589 for sample proposal. A quality research proposal memo will include the following:
– An Introduction that provides clear, understandable background on the topic and implies why it is either a problem worth solving or a subject worth studying;
-A Statement of the Problem that provides a more detailed description of the problem and why it needs to be studied (in an analytical report) or solved (in a proposal);
-; A Proposed Solution: If your report is a proposal, the proposed solution might be the type of service you are offering, or a brief description of your solution to the problem. For analytical reports, the proposed solution might be the idea whose feasibility you are studying.
-; A Scope that shows some of your research questions, demonstrating to your audience that you are an experienced researcher who has some sense of the job before you begin. (In real-world applications, this section is crucial, as it gives the audience a detailed sense of your approach to the research.)
-; Methods that include a preliminary but specific list of your modes of inquiry. For primary research, this would include a partial list of the people (names, job titles, affiliations) to whom you will be speaking. For secondary research, a partial listing of publications (books, journal articles, studies) that you will review. (A listing of titles and authors will be fine. You do not need full MLA citations yet.)
-; Qualifications reflect who you are, why you are interested in this topic, and why you are qualified to do this research.
-; A Conclusion that ends with a call to action, encouraging the reader to give his/her approval.
– ; You will also need to submit the Audience Profile on page 31 of your text. Grading Criteria The proposal will be graded on the following:
-; Format: your paper includes the headings above and is formatted as such.
-; Detailed answers to the criteria listed in the introduction of this assignment sheet: (Introduction, Statement of the Problem, Proposed Solution, Scope, Methods, Qualifications, Conclusion);
-; Good sense of research direction as evidenced in Scope;
-; Quality research, based on Methods section;
-; Clear, concise language free of grammar errors;
-; Effective use of memo format and page layout.
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