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1. Instructions: For this writing assignment you are to choose two individuals from our timeline. The two individual are Dr James D. Waston and Gregor Mendel. The individuals should be separated by time. Here is the scenario: you are the more contemporary (current) of the two medical pioneers and you are writing your memoirs. You are to write on how your predecessor influenced your field of study or the direction of your research. Speculate on how future generations will benefit from these contributions. Please include at least two specific events which occurred and correlate them. Your paper should be double-spaced in Times New Roman, 12 point font and free of spelling and grammatical errors. The assignment should be at least three paragraphs (400 words), not including your list of citations.
A detailed description of the paper’s requirements can be found on the assignment itself, but, when completing this assignment, you should include, at MINIMUM, the following:
• The name of the historical individual you are portraying and the date you are writing your memoir
• The type of research you are engaged in
• The individual(s) that you would like to acknowledge
• How your predecessor influenced you
• How future generations will benefit
• Give your memoir an appropriate title
• Minimum of 400 words & 3 paragraphs (Max. 800 words

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