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Proposal Step 1: Choosing a topic .Submit 2 possible topic questions for me to consider, on 2 different issues, along with a brief summary of what you find socially relevant about each. Topics should have more than one side and lend themselves to argumentation. Summaries should be no more than a 4 to 5 sentence paragraph. Submit all topics as topic questions. (” Should addicts be eligible to receive organ transplants?” for example, or “Should a father have the right to stop a mother from aborting his child?”)

In addition, for each topic, find a source that discusses it and submit the following publication information: 1) title of the magazine, website, video or book. 2) the name of the article. 3) the author (director if a video). 4) date of publication (last update of website). 5) type of medium (print, web, video, etc.) 6) web address. If you are familiar with MLA documentation, that is preferable.

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