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We often say to ourselves ?gNo one really understands me.?h Then why do people write about themselves? For many it is a means of expression, understanding, and self-satisfaction. There is no greater means of communication than words and through words which lead to stories, lives are shaped. As children, stories entertained us and if our parents were wise educated us as well. The memoir is also a story, for it is by telling a personal story that we say ?gWelcome. Let me share something with you.?h A memoir can be the rediscovery of a sense of place, a quest, a revelation of a time, person or event, a reflection, and an ultimate understanding.

For writing assignment 1, The Memoir, write about a specific period of time or event in your life. The memoir isn?ft the summary of life, but a microcosm of a moment or moments. Find that period of time that you wish to capture and remember your audience who are your classmates. They have not been on this magical journey of your life and so you need to provide details. Initially, the writer must give the reader location and timeframe. This grounds the reader and allows the story to smoothly unfold. From there the writer must choose the relevant details in telling the story.

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