Review and Editing Custom Essay

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1. Spacing mistake
2. Each line should be double spaced and there should only be double space between the two paragraphs
3. Correction:’Everything we do results in a written product of some kind- a formal technical report, a

summary of key findings, submissions to academic journals or professional association.'(Paul Harder)

I find this subject a lot useful in every aspect. It is based on improving a person’s writing skills. It teaches every type of writing either it be letters, memo…..

4. Refer to page 57 in LBCH

Error C

1. Missing word
2. The word “and” should be inserted between the comma and the word “submissions” in the last sentence of the first paragraph
3. Correction: …..findings, and submissions to academic journals or professional…..
4. Refer to page 29 in LBCH

Error D

1. Missing comma
2. There should be a comma between the words “sheets” and “etc.” in the third sentence in the second paragraph
3. Correction: …..pamphlets, phase sheets, etc. Moreover,…..
4. Refer to page 250 in LBCH

Error E

1. Improper wording
2. Replace the word “So” with “Therefore” in the fifth sentence in the second paragraph
3. Correction: Therefore, this is going to help you in…..

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