review Mike Clausen strategic adaptive management plan custom essay

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Review the strategic adaptive management plan of one other student (Mike Clausen, see attachment named; Clausen.docx) Insert comments using “Track Changes” in Word.
Use attachment;? EVSP501-D? as your template
Use attachment; ?Clausen.docx? and insert comments using ?track Changes? in word, I will need you to send this back with your comments as a new document named ?Reviewed_Clausen.docx?
Use attachment: assignment C only if you need it as a reference, you have used it before on the strategic adaptive management plan that you completed for me ?elk habitat management in Utah?

Your review should include substantive questions about the student’s topic, comments as to missing or not clearly understood information, and input on grammar, format, and adherence to the format and intent of the assignment..

Your review should include both grammatical/format as well as substantive comments on content. As you read the draft plan, ask questions where you need clarification, suggest alternatives or ideas, and provide constructive criticism of the plan. If you were a stakeholder, what would you find that is good and not so good about the plan? Is it complete? Does it cover all of the impacts and issues? Are issues well documented and supported by cited research and reputable sources? Do you understand what the plan’s goals and objectives are and are they in minimize/maximize language? Did the student do the research needed to fully explain and detail the issues (in the background section, in particular)? Refer to the template for Assignment C and provide comments specific to the component parts of the plan.

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