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I need you to do this assignment. It has three parts. I will fax the documnets to you, so that you can see the instructions. I do not need any sources. this paper needs to be 500-600words.if you go overit is okay. I need to see everything you did. Thank you. The islands I am using is Anguilla St. Thomas Virgin Islands and Antigua. if you want to know what to associate with those countries, you can always google it. but make sure you have the chart that you use in there. For a sample of a chart, you can use this link
Please be very creative. Please use proper grammar, make sure subject and verb agress, my teacher is very particular with that. I am a senior at college. You are a professional writing service. I am looking for excellent work. Thank you. any questions feel free to call or send a message. have a great day!

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