RoleI Identification Communication Essay

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c. A list of the duties and responsibilities assigned to each member
1) Val: Researches data and areas needing improvements/schedules meetings with CEO?s and employee training/writes policies pertaining to training.
2) Jessica: Weighing the importance and priority of each program.

d. A statement explaining why each member is best suited to his or her established role and his or her duties and responsibilities: This must include a description of how each member?s education?especially his or her program of study?and experience prepared him or her for the roles and duties. Make reference to specific courses that assisted in the preparation.
1) Val: Bachelors in criminal justice/experienced with policy writing while in military/trained soldiers/attended meetings with high ranking officers/became proficient in research while attending University of Phoenix.
2) Jessica: Bachelors in criminal justice/5 year experience in customer service/ability to collaborate the business needs and the needs of people within the business.

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