Romanticism in Two Emily Dickinson Poems (This is your title) custom essay

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Writers Check list Must Meet the Requirements 1. A Thesis paragraph with an actual, Formal Thesis is necessary! And Make Sure you are relating back to your THESIS. 2. You must include the author and title of the Primary work(s) you are addressing in the Thesis Paragraph. 3. Make sure it is STRUCTURED and not jumping around. The paper should follow and make sense and have good transition into the Paragraphs. 4. DO NOT list textual events within your thesis paragraph, nor should extended textual quotes be used- a brief textual quote can sometimes be effective, but is nevertheless discourage in general. 5. NEVER refer to the author by first name 6. NEVER announce your intent (“In this essay I will…” etc.) 7. A formal conclusion is necessary; however, it should NEVER begin with “in conclusion” or the like. 8. You must use PRESENT TENSE verbs, not past tense. 9. YOU MUST USE DIRECT QUOTES FROM THE TEXT TO SUPPORT YOUR ASSERTIONS. Failure to do will result in an F for a Grade 10. Block quotes can be used only when the quote will utilize an excess of three (3) body text lines. Block quotes have different mechanics than in-text quotes. 11. ALL quotes must be incorporated, including block quotes; i.e., they cannot stand alone as independent sentences. 12. You must have a works cited page to document both the PRIMARY and Secondary sources. (MLA format) 13. A topic doesn’t replace a title. In other words, Essays on Shakespeare’s Hamlet is not an adequate title. Titles should be in the same font as the body text, without alteration (NO quotation marks, bold, etc.). 14. Don’t direct-address the reader (Don’t use 2nd Person Pronouns) 15. NEVER NEVER NEVER do a basic plot Summary rather do an ANALYSIS!

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