Ronald Wright’s A Short History of Progress Custom Essay

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Ronald Wright’s A Short History of Progress I agree with writer’ opinions.. please consider it… This is my instruction PAPER 1 A SHORT HISTORY OF PROGRESS Length: 1250 words, minimum In all cases, I expect your writing to display a thorough understanding of the texts you use, most importantly Wright’s A Short History of Progress. I have included a question in the prompt. Your thesis will likely be your answer to this question. In all cases I will expect you to utilize the language of your source material. Use Wright’s terminology. Show the reader that you understand it. Make connections that are surprising and have intellectual depth. Push yourself. Your audience is, and should always be, intelligent, interested readers who are not necessarily in this class and may or may not have read the texts you cite. The best academic writing gives just enough information about the sources to allow the reader to follow the argument. MLA will count on this assignment so spend some time ensuring that your paper’s format, citing method, Works Cited page, and so on are all perfect. THE PROMPT Wright is a bummer. Brighten things up by writing a response to Wright’s book wherein you offer some glimmer of hope. Is there a way out of this that still maintains our current lifestyle and population? I’d prefer an ideological response to a science fiction one. Try to match Wright’s tone/style if you can. (Or embrace your own if you’d prefer not to do a fake-Wright.) Note that Wright doesn’t use in-text citations, but everything’s still cited (there’s a long index of sources at the back of his book). I will expect MLA format with proper citations, including Wright!

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