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I need a running record for a student K-5 Grade level. I guess an Elementary or English Language teacher can write this easily. You can choose any grade level from K-5. Here are the guide how to write it. And here are attached couple of the documents to help you. The document called ?the following _is_a running record and analysis? is a sample for you to see how it should like. Please do not copy from it.
Also Running_ Record_ Sheet needs to be filled out accordingly.

A running record provides the teacher with information on how a child interacts with the printed page. It shows what the child knows and can apply, what he has begun to learn and needs to work through, and what he has to guess at because he is not sure. All of this is valuable information and provides much insight into the child?s strengths, challenges, and needs. Analysis of the child?s miscues, the errors he makes as he reads, provide a basis for planning instruction. This portion of this class along with your text provides instruction on the running record ? what it is, what it looks like, guidance on how to write it, read it, analyze it, and use it for planning instruction.

Step #1
Read all the information in your text regarding running records.:

Cunningham, P. M. (2005). Phonics they use: Words for reading and writing. (4th ed.) New York, NY: Allyn and Bacon.

Gunning, T. G. (2008). Creating literacy instruction for all students. (6th ed.). New York, NY: Allyn and Bacon.

Step #2
Review the information provided in Doc Sharing on running records. There are many examples provided to help you if you are new to this process and information to expand your knowledge if you are already familiar with running records. Please be sure to open and read through each file provided.
Step #3
Conduct your own running record.
Choose a book at student’s level or use an IRI or DRA materials or use a basal textbook.

b. Conduct a running record — include the first name of the student, the child?s grade, and the title and grade level of the text you are using for the running record.

Step #4
Analyze your running record.
Record total number of errors
Record total number of self corrections
Analyze miscues ? MSV (see below)

Step #5
Based on your running record analysis, plan a recommendation for the student and write a report. Include the following in your report:

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