Sadness Literature Custom Essay

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ALTERNATIVE ONE: Choose TWO of the following quotations. Once you have identified the speakers and the quotation’s context in the story, compare and contrast the two stories presentation of a topic or theme that appears in both the stories you’ve chosen. Quote other passages from the texts to support your points.

?I picked up my chopsticks and that got me thinking about Elder Brother. I realized that the reason for my younger sister’s death lay entirely with him. I can see her now such a lovable and helpless little thing, only five at the time. Mother couldn’t stop crying, but he urged her to stop, probably because he?d eaten sister’s flesh himself and hearing mother cry over him like that shamed him! But if he’s still capable of feeling shame, then maybe

Younger Sister was eaten by Elder Brother. I have no way of knowing whether Mother knew about it or not. I think she did know, but while she was crying she didn’t say anything. She probably thought that it was all right, too.?

?I saw that slut leaving your place shortly before midnight,? she whispered.? Ah To was right behind her. They stood here and talked for a long time! Your family ought to look after things better than that!?

The color drained from the face of Ah Szu’s wife. Without a word she carried her water bucket back to the house. First she told her husband about it, then she told Old T’ung Pao. It was a fine state of affairs when a baggage like that could sneak into people’s silkworm sheds!
?If Cuicui were willing, do you think I could refuse??
?That’s not it. People think that if you make the decision, Cuicui can?t object.?
?That’s not right. This is about her!?
?Even if it is, the elder has to have the final say. People will still think that singing three years and six months, be it under sunlight or moonlight, is less important than a good word from you!?

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