Salib v City of Mesa (book legal enviroment custom essay

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1. Salib v City of Mesa (book legal enviroment p. 116 or google it) discusses some aspects of commercial speech. Summarize the legal standard (law) the judge applies to the facts. For each the last two parts of that standard, summarize the plaintiff’s and defendant’s arguments. Also, assume I am generally familiar with the facts of the case but that I haven’t read the judge’s decision. You do not need to provide extensive backbround of the case. In other words, your summary should be no more than a small paragraph of about 7-8 short sentences. If you write much more than this, you are focusing on unnecessary information. You will be graded on accuracy and brevity.

2. You are a young woman who recently moved to a nice suburb and discovered a local ordinance (law) that states anyone whose income is over a certain amount must pay an extra fee to support a special effort to beautify the community. You make over the amount stated and believe this law is unconstitutional. Using only the concepts in Ch 5, is it? Why, or why not.

p.s. not necessary to have source, we use text book” legal enviroment business.

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