Salvador Dali’s the Persistence of Memory Essay

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Persistence of memory is an Art collection which was done by Salvador Dali in 1931 which is an oil painting which was done on canvas (Nola, 2008). In the drawing he depicted the theory of softness and hardness and the main features in the painting are images of melting pocket watches and ants devouring a pocket watch with a rocky landscape at its back ground. Many argue that melting watches symbolizes irreverence of time and time can not withstand true power of the universe, while the ants symbolize the sense of death/decay in the society.

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The painting has more balance on colors as they would be blended on much better in transition of one color to another unlike when other forms of medium such as crayons are used. The content of the painting in much glowing even when at a distance, because it shines when done using oil painting, therefore oil painting would be used for drawings whose content needs to be shiny for emphasis (Mayer, 1991)…..

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In conclusion choice of canvas makes the drawing have some texture. Unlike when the painting is done on a smooth surface, this texture makes part of the painting composition by giving it the desired texture which makes the painting contents to have a rough surface. The theme of Dali’s painting is about hardness and softness, therefore the oil paint depicts its softness while its hardness is well represented by the rough surface of the canvas….

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