Scripture and Faith in Context Custom Essay

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While exploring a cave near Petra in Jordan, in archaelogists unearthed a jar containing several Hebrew scrolls which have subsequently been dated somewhere between 50 B.C.and 50 A.D. One of the scrolls contained the fragmented text printed below.

Pretend that you are the renowned scholar of Jewish antiquites, Samuel Schleermann. You have received a major grant to study the text of the scroll in question to determine its provenance: that is, to ascertain which of the four influential Jewish groups active in Palestine in this time period-Sadducees, Pharisees, Essenes, and Zealots-might have written the document. Your reserch will be published in an upcoming volume of the prestigious Bulletin of the Jewish Archaeological Society.
Write an essay in which, on the basis of text below, you identify the author of the document as either a Sadducee, a Phariss, an Essene, or a Zealotm and defend your claim by comparing the language and themes of the document with what is already known about the four sects from their own writings and those of Flavius Josephus. Your essay must demonstrate a thorough knowledge of all four sects. You must compare and contrast- with ample examples from their own writings and those texts which they hold dear-the beliefs and approaches of the four sects, and eliminate three of the sects as possible originators of the document. For the purposes of this essay, you are to assume that the events as described in Christ the Lord by Anne Rice are historically accurate. You are to use the events in Christ the Lord which pertain to the four sects to elucidate the attitudes and approaches taken by each of them, giving examples from the book to illumine the outlook of each of the four sects.
You are to consult only the class slides and the assigned readings for class. The use of the Internet is not permitted. Direct quotes must be kept to a minimum and be properly cited. The opening paragraph must include a clear thesis sentence which is defended in the essay.

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