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Conduct a literature review for the problem/opportunity you defined with your team. The purpose of this literature review is to orient the reader to the general management problem/opportunity. This also gives each team member a solid understanding of the research topic. Your paper should be 1,250-1,500 words and should include secondary research supporting the following: *Any relevant sales data and/or industry, market data *Product/service/company situation *Competitive analysis – describe any competitive implications of the problem/opportunity *Identify environmental influences (political, legal, regulatory, cultural, economic, social, technological) that could affect the problem/opportunity *Define and describe the target market and market segments as appropriate * Any other relevant background information that will aid in understanding the problem/opportunity and developing the questionnaire You must cite at least two academic references in this section problem/opportunity: Learning Team Research Objective- Nobody likes or wants to be ripped off. When purchasing a vehicle it is a very high involvement purchase for a consumer. Purchasing a new vehicle is very expensive and the consumer is stuck with that decision for several years. There are many opportunities when purchasing vehicles, with lots of gimmicks, price differences and dealerships all offering the same products. When selling cars the consumers must always come first. After all, they are the reason a dealership will sink or swim. Loyal consumers are important, as well as always recruiting and attracting new customers. Our team will research how a consumer prefers to purchase a vehicle to identify if a “One Price” dealership will be an effective marketing technique to sell cars to consumers who have substantial car buying options. Our opportunity that we can maximize on will be identifying if moving to a “One Price” dealership will increase or decrease CJ-Honda market share. We are going to research and identify if moving to this sales technique will meet the needs of the consumers in our geographic area. Many car shoppers are very loyal to where they purchase their vehicles. It will also be imperative for us to identify how the change would affect current and new shoppers. Will they accept it, or decide to shop elsewhere.

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