Seeing is Believing and There’s More Than Meets the Eye Custom Essay

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(Question #1)? Seeing is believing? and ?There’s more than meets the eye?. How were these statements illustrated in the video? This Answer should be 2 paragraphs for this question!
This is a 2 part video? Here is the YouTube link:
Question of color part 1

Question of Color Part 2.wmv

(Question #2)?Readings were given for three groups of people of African descent. Comment on any similarities and difference that you noticed among them? This Answer should be 3 paragraphs for this question!

* Hines African AMerican Families.pdf)

* Menos Haitian Families.pdf)

* Brice Baker British West Indian Families.pdf)

(Question #3)?Racism, oppression, and adaptations to colonialism have been common to all people of African ancestry. What impact do you think those things have had on their mental health? What challenges do those things present for the counselor trained in a Eurocentric tradition? This Answer should be 2 paragraphs for this question!

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