Self-Concept Analysis Assignment custom essay

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My List
Witty, Spontaneous, Energetic, Independent,Cheerful

Friend List
Spontaneous, Idealistic, Trustworthy, Independent, Caring

Using your completed Self-Concept Inventory, you will write a two-three page essay typed, double spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, about how two or more of the aspects of your self-concept developed. This is an essay, so do not simply answer the guiding questions below in a bullet format. In this essay, you are analyzing your self concept based on the data you gathered in Part I. This must look like and read like an essay. You should include the following information:
? Were you surprised by any of the information that you discovered from your rankings? From the rankings of the others? Why or why not?
? Select on item from your list that you believe developed because of reflected appraisal. Explain how that item developed (e.g., who did the reflected appraisal come from? One person? Several people? What was that person a significant other?), giving specific examples.
? Select one item from your list that you believe developed because of social comparison. Social comparison happens when you select a reference group (e.g., your first grade classmates) and compare yourself to them. Explain how the item you selected developed through social comparisons, giving specific examples.
? What insight to yourself did you gain through this assignment?
This reaction essay must be a minimum of two full pages. ?You should include more detail than just answering the questions above (e.g., No, I wasn’t surprised will not suffice as an answer to the first item.) ?This essay should follow the standard mechanics of a college essay.
This organizational structure should help you get started on this essay.
Organization of Self-Inventory Reaction Paper:
. Statement to get reader’s attention
. Introduction of concept/principle (usually a statement of the term)
. Thesis statement
. Surprises in the rankings
b. Were you surprised by anything in your rankings?
c. Were you surprised by anything in the rankings of the two other people who completed your tables?
d. Items that you might address in this section are what you expected from the rankings, and how the results met or didn?t meet your expectations.
e. There is no need to go into detail about where items were ranked. I have the table for reference.
. Item from the list that developed because of reflected appraisal
a. List the item
b. Explain how that item developed from reflected appraisal
i. What did the person or people tell you about yourself?
ii. Give examples of the reflected appraisal
iii. Did this reflected appraisal come from one or several significant others (family members, teachers, friends, etc) in your life?
iv. NOTE: Items in the self-concept that develop from reflected appraisal usually are in place from very early in your life.
. Item from the list that developed because of social comparison
a. List the item
b. Explain how that item developed from social comparison
i. Who was the reference group you used for social comparison (i.e., your first-grade class, your softball team, your group of friends, etc)?
ii. Social comparison means that we are more or less one way than our reference group. Did you discover that you had more of this quality or less of this quality?
. Insight into yourself that you gained
a. You may discuss what insight you gained into areas that you want to work on or that you are satisfied with.
b. You may discuss what insight you gained into perception, based on differences between your rankings and the others, or based on the differences between the others rankings.
. Summarize the paper
. Wrap up the paper with a significant statement
i. I call this the So What? statement. You should tell your readers why this experience and/or the concept/principle is important for you, for them, and/or for everyone to know.

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