Semester Project Semester Project: Select a Case Study

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Semester Project: Select a case study
Identify a specific project you want to focus on for the semester, using the case studies provided.
If you have a specific project at work or personal that you are interested in working on you may do this. Sometimes this approach can be difficult as you may not have complete information.

Each week you will apply the chapter material and develop the specified information for your project.
Guidance will be provided to support knowledge of what the specific components of a project you are to complete.

The final Semester Project paper will be a collection of this material and a written report explaining why your approach did / or did not work. You will explain why the selected approach was taken and then provide a final summary explaining what you would have done differently now that you have covered all of the course material.

Each week, guidance will be provided to help you with understanding each of the requirements. This approach will enable you to complete the project requirements as you move forward in the class

The weekly project information will be submitted for review and feedback. You will use the feedback to work on building your final project documentation. Grading will include completion of the weekly assignments. The information you will be completing is similar to the chapter information presented in the sections titled “Continuing Integrative Class Project.”

This approach to complete the work weekly allows you time to build and refine your project material. The same amount of time you spend weekly equates to the same time you would have spent trying to recall the past weeks course information and building your final paper.
These assignments will be completed as individuals. Some students will be working on the same case study and may consult with each other (as project management professionals). Typically not everyone takes the same approach. There is not one single correct answer. You are graded on your ability to apply the course material, problem solve, and professional communications.

Module 2 – Identify project Case Study – Write a description of the project – apply the definition of a project. Include: Importance, Scope, Life Cycle with Due Dates (these would be hypothetical), Interdependencies you have identified, Uniqueness, Type of Resources, Conflicts if any.

Module 3 –What type of project manager is required for the identified project? What skills are required for the project? Will other resources supporting the project manager be needed? If you were assessing the project manager what criteria would you use to determine if they are successful?

Module 4 – What type of conflict may be encountered on your project? How can the conflict be resolved? Identifying at the start of the project the type of conflict your may be faced with helps in being prepared with additional resources, training, or type of resources you want available.

Module 5 – Is your project part of a program? Explain. What type of organization type of the company that your project resides within? What type of skills must your project team possess to successfully complete the project goals and objectives?

Module 6 –Project tasks and assigning work. Complete a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). With this information assign the identified resources to tasks. Assign deadlines (due dates) for the tasks to be completed. What are your communications plans to provide the resources an understanding of their responsibilities, deadlines and how their work supports the project goals and overall success? Identify the project risks. All projects have risks.

Module 7 – Create a project budget. Are you using the top-down or bottom-up approach? You may not have the exact level of funds required. You will need to at least present the type of budget items you will require funds for.

Module 8 –Microsoft Project. With the information you have worked on to date you are now ready to enter this into a Microsoft Project Plan.
Module 9 – Write a summary of your plan for managing resources and the tasks that fall within the critical path. Where would you borrow resources, request additional resources from if each task were to fall behind schedule, assuming other tasks stayed on schedule? What is the impact to performance, time and cost?
Module 10 – Write a project status report. Include information that provides knowledge required by the stakeholders to determine if the project is proceeding as planned. The report may not always be “rosy.” Create an earned value table and chart to fill out and present an understanding of the project progress.

Module 11 – The project is getting ready to close and a full analysis and deployment of resources needs to be addressed. What is your plan? Apply the material presented in Chapter 11 “Primary function of Management” and write a summary of your plan as the Project Manager.

Module 12 – Review the initial project scope report, did the project close successfully, based on what you know now what would you do differently? Reflect upon the material presented on the subject of Project Audit, Final Report, Project History and write a close out report.

Final Submission – Collect all of the material created for this project and pull it together into one report and submit for your final paper. A final project report book is a standard for Project Management Offices.

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