Sensation and Perception Custom Essay

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You will be required to summarize and critique different research studies related to content in the course. The articles you choose must report the results of an experiment, correlational study, or case study. The articles should not be a review article, where the authors simply summarize findings by others. The article you choose should have sections similar to “Methods”, “Results”, “Discussion” and must come from a professional psychology journal. If you are unfamiliar with searching the library’s online article indexes (such as PubMed, PsycInfo, PsycArticles, Infotrac, etc.), then I recommend you view a brief tutorial on using psycinfo. You can also watch a brief tutorial on using Google Scholar.
In your journal article critique, you should:
Submit your critique as a Microsoft Word document (doc, docx, rtf) or as a PDF file. Programs such as Microsoft Works and OpenOffice can save documents in one of these acceptable formats.
Have a title page with the title of the article you are summarizing, the course name, and your name.
Give a brief summary of the introduction. Provide proper APA citation of your reference(s) by using the (Authors’ last names, year of publication) format. In your summary of the introduction, include why the authors were conducting the study and what they expected to find (their hypothesis). Do not summarize the abstract (with the study’s findings) in this section of the paper. Do not include the author’s university or department and do not include the full title of the article in your introduction.
Summarize the methods and results sections well enough so I can understand how the study was conducted and what the authors found. For example, who participanted, how did they conduct the study, and what did they find.
Include at least two full paragraphs of your critique on the study’s methods and the author’s conclusions. You may want to include how you would have done the study differently, the strengths of the study, its weaknesses, important implications, and any alternative explanations of the results. It’s not necessary, but you may also want to add how the study relates to things that we have talked about in class.
The total length of your paper should be 3 or more pages (not counting the title and reference pages).
Use 1″ margins. Warning: Microsoft Word’s default margin setting for a new document is 1.25 inches. Watch a short video on how to change the margins.
Be sure to remove any extra spacing between paragraphs. Watch the video.
You should cite the article you are summarizing at least at the beginning and end of your summary, if not every paragraph. Use the (Author, Year of publication) format when citing your article or other sources. When quoting, also include the page number. If you have more than 6 authors, just cite it as (Author1 et al., year). If you have 3-6 authors, list them all the first time you cite them, then use (Author1 et al., year) for future citations.
Your reference(s) should be in APA format.

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