Sex Education in Public School custom essay

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This is for my English Composition II class. For this assignment the topic that I picked is. “Sex Education in Public School” not all states or schools teach sex education in school. The Textbook that we use is Axelrod, Rise B., and Charles R. Cooper. St. Martin’s Guide to Writing. 9th edition. ISBN: 9780312536121 Chapter 6 Arguing a Position (267-319) Write In 1500 words (minimum), you are to argue for or against some current idea, trend, or debate. You must provide a counter argument and accommodate or refute said argument. MLA format is required. Due: July 8 For this essay, you will be required to “pick a side.” You may argue any current event or idea that has taken place within the last 7 years. You will be required to take a position and validate that position, as well as accommodate or refute the opposing view. The assignment is deliberately “under-detailed” so that you have room for creativity. You will need to use at least 2 outside sources for this paper. Please remember I need this paper before the 8th of July and the topic that I used is “Sex Education in Public School”. Not all Public schools teach sex education and not to many states require it in there public schools.
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