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SEE EMAIL I SENT YOU FOR DOCUMENTS NEEDED Part I: Sexual Offender Profile* Locate and analyze a sexual assault case in order to assess a sex offender’s typology. Your assessment may be conducted by using either “Groth’s Typology of Sex Offenders and Rapists” or the “Massachusetts Treatment Center (MTC) Rapist Typology.” The information that you gather on the sexual assault case may be from sources such as: victim account of sexual assault, crime scene description, witness accounts, and police reports. You may also use the Case Study Resources link under the Resources section at the end of this page. Use these resources to complete Part I of your project: •Adult Sex Offender Risk Assessment Screening Instrument •The Colorado Sex Offender Risk Scale To assess the offender for this assignment, use the SOMB Checklist based upon the SOMB Sexual History Disclosure Packet and his psychosexual evaluation. Score the offender according to your training. Provide justification for the scores in your final analysis of the offender and prior to making recommendations in your presentence report. Begin your Presentence Report by writing a Sexual Offender Profile. For full credit, include your completed risk assessment along with the following information: •Assess the offender’s typology. •Examine the case to determine the most relevant categorization of the sex offender’s profile. •Describe the characteristics that are typical for a sex offender fitting the identified profile. •List evidence found in the sexual assault case, such as: -;Method of victim selection
-;Degree of pre-planning
-;Degree of violence in the sexual assault *Prepare an APA formatted reference page citing the resources used to conduct your research.

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