Sexual Desire and Gender Custom Essay

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Be ware this is actually an essay for WOMEN STUDIES class, since i can’t choose from the subject area.

1. Choose a reading to discuss/ react to. What are your thoughts/opinions? Your paper should be focused on this reading from the text. (See study guide for ideas on what topics interest you. i will send you the reading.
2.choose four concept from the study guide to apply to the reading (put the word in bold) eg, patriarchy, andocentrism, feminism, internatization, how we construct gender, double bind, bird cage, different dimensions of oppression, different sorts of racism (Aware/ blatant or covert, unaware/ unintentional). those are just examples.
Here is the study guide for you to apply the reading
a) What do current theories say about how sexual desire is affected by biological, cultural and social experiences?
b) What does evolutionary psychology say with regard to gender differences in sexual desire?
c) What does Islam have to say about women’s sexuality?

3. Add some info from at least one other source. Maybe google something.
P.S. The paper should be fully footnoted (giving credit to the author)

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