sexuality in the arab world custom essay

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it is supposed to be an integrated literature review but our professor requires it in the form of a paper including intro and from 5 to 7 paragraphs and a conclusion.each paragraph starting with a topic sentence and evolving about a sub-point in the related sources.7 academic sources is required and it is possible to use 2 non-academic if necessary. The topic is “sexuality in the arab world”.there are 2 articles i found:1)Gender Boundaries and sexual categories in the arab world by AS’AD Abukhalil and 2)Sexuality in contemporary Arab society by Abdessamad Dialmy.3)and a book titled “sexuality in the arab world edited by samir khalaf and john gagnon” in addition to 4 other academic sources.please talk on the history of sexuality in the arab world but focus on attitudes how women are viewed in context of sexuality with regards to islam.this paper is supposed to report what is in the sources.please show in what ways the argument or content of sources similar and what is different and interpret this in at the end or the middle of each and every body paragraph(from 5-7).u can also include something about male and female homosexuality in the arab world and how it used to be and ho it is perceived now.also,the current practices of different forms of marriage like visitation and de facto marriage,increase in prostitution and how women are being belittled as sex objects.thanks alot

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