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Individuals work in all different types and sizes of organisations and businesses in various roles and responsibilities, duties and expectations. One approach to familiarise you with these future challenges is to apply the theory of this subject in a practical context requiring you to explore and identify the various topics within a small business environment. It is hoped that this approach will contribute to understanding and establishing a sound basis of theoretical and practical knowledge in the management context.

-The small business is to have no more than 20 staff in total and is to be a domestic business. This business can be based on either a known/existing business or a hypothetical business.

-A list of 10 topics has been provided below from which you are to choose 5 topics. Discussion of each of the 5 topics must reflect your business and reflect the business mission statement and goals. Each topic is to be no more than one (1) page in length. You are encouraged to use diagrams only where appropriate and they must not be larger than half a page.

1.Page 1 is your title page with your name, the business name, mission statement and business goals.
2.Pages 2 – 6 individually discuss each of the 5 topics. For each topic broadly and briefly discuss the topic (what is Leadership?), apply the topic to your business (transformational leadership) and lastly identify one aspect of the topic relevant to you business (provides staff motivation). You will need to use a minimum of 2 references other than the prescribed text book for each topic.
3.Page 7 is your reference list which should contain a minimum of 10 references. At least 50% of the references are to come from academic journals and books.

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