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Individual Assignment: Achieving and Maintaining Individual Excellence Paper · Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper in which you formulate a framework for achieving and maintaining individual excellence for your life and list what skills you have or need to develop further. · Construct a Force Field Analysis, similar to Figure 11.1 found on p. 268 in Ch. 11 of Managing of Human Service Programs, using the following list of interrelated and interdependent elements of human service functions. · List your personal driving and restraining forces as well as your current position and desire for each of the following conditions: o Managing the environmento Planning and program designo Organizational designo Human resource developmento Supervisiono Financial managemento Information systemso Program evaluationo Leadership and organizational change

Please pay attention to every bullet especially the personal

Analysis of Driving and Restraining Forces and Stakeholders
After a change goal has been identified, the action system can use a force field
analysis (Brager & Holloway, 1992) to identify driving forces, which aid the
change or make it more likely to occur, and restraining forces, which are
points of resistance or things getting in the way of change. The change goal,
or desired future state, is represented by a line down the middle of a piece of
paper. To its left, a parallel line represents the current state of the organization.
The change process involves moving from the current state to the ideal
future state. To the left of the second line (the current state) are listed all driving
forces (individuals, key groups, or conditions) which may assist in the
implementation of the change. On the other side are listed restraining forces
that will make the change more difficult to implement. An example is presented
in Figure 11.1: a force field analysis of a change goal to implement a
program evaluation system (Linn, 2000). Stakeholders may be listed here as
well: managers, bureaucratically oriented staff, or others likely to prefer the
status quo. Arrows from both sides touching the “current state” line represent
the constellation of forces.
268 chapter 11
Force Field
a Program
Driving Forces Restraining Forces
Environmental push to
outcome-based accountability
• Staff benefit from seeing
results of work
• Community desire to see effects
• Legislative push for evaluation
• Some accountability mandates
already required by funders
• Funding sources increasingly
requesting evaluation
Support of CEO
Recognition by management
of need for change
Has board member who is already
familiar with program evaluation
Evaluative tools becoming
more available
MIS tools becoming more
available in environment
Basically healthy organization
Rapid growth of agency
has resources taxed
MIS lacking
Funding lacking
Lack internal expertise
Current manager tasked
with evaluation may resist
change, does not have
expertise to engage
in evaluation
Staff may resist evaluative
stance, perceiving it as staff
versus agency evaluation
Identification by CEO of
roadblocks to change

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