Sociology Questions custom essay

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You decide to go away for 2 days and you pick certain things from your closet …. That is where your 120 WORDS come in. Decide what to take on the trip or in the paragraph, what you will include and what you will exclude. How to organize your overnight bag so that your p.j.s are at the bottom, so no one has to see them and everything goes around it…That is how you treat your paragraph, your have a topic (topic sentence) and then you organize everything else around it. This is an ungraded exercise for observing your own mind and becoming aware of
how you organize your own thinking about social issues. You know those photos of people’s bellies before and after (i sometimes like the “before” shots, ha). Well, this is your chance to do a before, but NO bellies please, just your thoughts explain .

2. TV, Radio, Computer, Friends, websites?? WRITE ABOUT YOUR NEWS SOURCES -120 WORDS

3. PLAN B, state what you will do if you lose your connection, where you will go.

Be sure to think what you will do if you start late, near the deadline, hint, start ahead.

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