Sociology Social Theory; Contemporary Issues in Social Theory custom essay

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– This is a coursework essay for a Masters Sociology course. The course title is: Contemporary Issues in Social Theory. Therefore, it is a Social Theory course.
– There is no page-length requirement, instead it must be 4,000 words. If you are using size 12 font, it should work out to be around 15 pages length maximum. Please do not exceed the word limit, if you fall short 200 words that is fine.
– I need a bibliography of all sources used, not a references page. Please be sure to source/cite anything that is not your own material. I am in a Masters program and cannot risk any form of plagiarism. If the essay cannot be completed originally, please let me know.

-The essay question is as follows:
“What is, according to G.H. Mead, the difference between the ‘I’ and the ‘me’? How useful is this distinction in understanding the relationship between individual and society?”

I have created a brief outline to help with the essay. *Please note, you do not need to follow this exactly, it is just an outline to help with ideas.

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