Sport and Cross Cultural custom essay

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should be comprised of comprehensive answers to two of the questions, In your answers, be sure to back up your assertions with source material from lecture, reading, and your own research. You will be required to utilize SIX sources in EACH answer. PAPER LAYOUT (each bullet point represents a new page):
? Title page
? Question #1 & corresponding answer
? Question #1 reference page
? Question #2 & corresponding answer
? Question #2 reference page
EACH question should vary between 1000 words (~4 pages) and 1500 words (~6 pages) not including title and reference pages.SOURCES: 6 Total per question
? Academic Sources: Minimum of 2 sources? Popular Sources: Minimum of 2 sources? Lecture: Minimum of 2 sources
TITLE PAGE: This should include student name, essay title, course number, semester and year.
FONT: Any 12 point font MARGINS: Top/Bottom 1 inch – Left/Right 1 inch LINE SPACING: Double-spaced (main text); Single-spaced (indented quotes) PAPER: Single-Sided PAGE NUMBERING: Bottom Center (no page number on title page)
FORMAT: APA Style (for citations, headings, & references)
***Question #1: Which is the most important nation with regard to the development of contemporary sport culture: Britain (where many modern games forms were developed); France (where the moden Olympic movement, and indeed FIFA, originated); or, the USA (the nation responsible for the concerted commercialization of sport)? Be sure to provide a justification for your choice.
Question #2: America has no truly national sporting culture. All the sports which have been identified as being the ‘national pastime’ are little more than imports from other nations (baseball from British stick and ball games; football from British rugby union; and basketball is the invention of a Canadian!).
Discuss this contentious assertion pinpointing, where appropriate, what you perceive to be the distinctively “national” elements of contemporary American sport

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