Sports History in America custom essay

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Book to use on this: Sports in American History by Gerald Gems.

Students are expected to answer short essay questions in a complete and sophisticated manner. Do not simply copy or paraphrase the textbook. I want your own ideas and words. However, you should use occasional brief, pertinent quotations from the books. I recommend a minimum of one in the answers to each single numbered question, two in answers to double-numbered questions, and so on. If you use material from a source without giving appropriate credit, you are guilty of plagiarism and will receive a “0” on the lesson. Please put the author?s last name and page number in parentheses after the quotation, as in (Gems 250). A double question (1-2) is worth twice as much as a single one (1) and should be roughly twice as long. There will also be a required bonus question at the end of this lesson, you do not need to complete this.

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