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15 paragraphs. Any Topic. 1.Identify and evaluate 2.determine a need for research 3.Appraise the relevance 4.Identify research question 5.access adequacy of sample 6.assess appropriateness of subject. 7.identify measured variables 8.Evaluate appropiateness of statistical analysis. 9.identify limitations of study. 10.discuss strengths 11.suggest how study can ba improved.
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Additional Message which I asked the client to clarify
We were told to select a topic of interest. Its an online statistics class. Make sure its a study, not a review of literature. Read and critique. I forgot i need to submit the arctile as well. It must contain an experiment. No surveys or fieldwork. Should be written, not bulleted. Along with the original instructions thats all the information that was given to us. I hope that helps. The topic Adolesent Depression was an example. I would choose Parkinsons Disease if I had time to write it. Thank you, I hope this helps.

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