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The 10 references MUST consist of 3 BOOKS 5 peer reviewed journal articles 2 high quality websites Please Write the report accordingly to the research report proposalI have attached Sections of a research report: Title Page Report title, your name & submission date Table of Contents List of numbered sections in the report and their page numbers Abstract In less than 100 words explain the environmental problem you are examining, what you found, and what your findings mean in terms of a possible solution Introduction Give some background information about your topic. State the aim/purpose of the investigation. Outline the body section. Body Headings and subheadings that reflect the contents of each section. Conclusion What has been achieved and what is the significance of your findings and your discussion? Possible Solutions Are their solutions to the environmental problem you have researched? How can this problem be prevented in the future? Reference List A Harvard Reference list, incorporating all sources you have referred to in your Research Report. Appendix Information that supports your analysis but is not essential to its explanation e.g., graphs, charts, tables or other data, but did not include in the body

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