Strategic Human Resource Management Custom Essay

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1. Ms Herran’s consulting firm focuses on small businesses whose owners/founders are involved in daily management of the company. Why would this clientele need her services? How does this affect HR as a core competency?

2. You are an HR consultant with a firm similar to Ms Herran’s in the video. You are meeting a new client and will begin the strategic HR process in this initial meeting. You’v e asked the client to block out at least two hours for an in-depth discussion. This client is the owner of a new (less than one year old), up-and-coming advertising firm in a major Western city. The firm has several large corporate clients. The most important clients are a bank for which the agency handles all the U.S./>/> advertising and a small chain of upscale restaurants. The bank is known as an innovator in personal banking. The restaurant chain is a fashionable, white-tablecloth restaurant and is targeted at an affluent, sophisticated, urban customer. Currently, the agency is negotiating with an international chain of luxury hotels. The advertising agency is full-service, offering all media: TV, radio, print and internet. It has 17 full and part-time employees. The agency essentially has no HR department. The owner has little HR knowledge.

Develop a list of important questions to ask your client. What do you need to learn about the client and his firm in order to serve him effectively? In your answer consider (a) HR strategy and (b) HR planning. Consider that you are laying the groundwork for the next few months of work with this client. What should your goal be in this initial meeting?
Weekly Written Assignment #2 .View the Tegrity recording session that outlines the use of O*NET as an HR tool. From your browser toolbar, go to and answer the following questions. You may answer in Q & A format, by numbering each response.

What job positions are represented for each of the following Standard Occupational Codes:

1. 11-3040.00

2. 17-2011.00

3. 43-4081.00

4. 27-1024.00

5. 13-2072.00

6. What is the projected growth in employment for the position of “Neurologist?”

7. For the same position of “Neurologist” waht is the State of Alabama prevailing wage for workers in this classification paid at the lower 10% band? Hourly? Annually?

8. For the same position of “Neurologist” what is the National prevailing wage for workers in this classification paid at the lower 10% band? Hourly? Annually?

9. Find the position of Training and Development Manager. What are the responsibilities, work styles, and values of this position noted in the Summary Report? What is this positions SOC code? What is the national wages for this position both hourly and annually? What types of tools and technology will a worker in this position use?

10. In a minimum of a 150 words response, describe how the Summary Report can assist HR professionals in facilitating HR related initiatives/programs (i.e. recruitment, selection, training, forecasting, etc.)?
Weekly Written Assignment #3 .Watch the Tegrity recording titled, “HR in Alignment: The Link to Business Results at Sysco Food Services (SHRM Foundation)” from the Tegrity link tab. Prepare a one page, 12 font, double spaced, one inch margins document answering the following questions:

1. Are the HR practices employed at Sysco Foods effectively being used to achieve the desired business results? Explain.

2. Do you agree with the three selected HRM metrics used to assess its success in achieving operational performance goals? Why or why not? Provide rationale.

3. How realistic do you believe it may be to set operational objectives that can be measured and linked to each employee level within the organization? Explain.
Weekly Written Assignment #4 .Watch the film clip “A Perspective on Labor Relations” under the Tegrity link in the course about GM’s Saturn Experiment. Prepare a one page, one inch margins, 12 font, double spaced respose to the following questions (you do not need to retype the questions, just number your responses).

Questions and Exercises

1. What type of ‘shop’ would be required in the Spring Hill, TN, location of the original Saturn plant? GM is headquartered in Michigan/>/>. What type of ‘shop’ would be required there?

2. Why would the UAW and GM have been open to changing their traditional adversarial relationship at the Saturn plant?

3. (a) Was the UAW-GM relationship at the origin of the Saturn plant co-determination? (b) Why or why not? (c) What term best describes the original Saturn relationship between union and management? (d) Why?

4. How would you determine whether the Saturn experiment was a success? Based on what you know from the video, was the Saturn experiment a success?

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