Strategic Human Resource Management Custom Essay

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Hi i am looking for professinal in HRM to make case study ( multi questions) inclode two section.the first section case study,read the paragraph and make summary very short about 50 words and make 5 questions about the case study ( easy question).
The second section please make questionnaire 8 question with 4 mutible answer about youtube video show ( corporation birth). Please write the answer of all the question,and please don’t forget the questions is easy ( not too easy) in order the answer not more than 40 words.

1. Hundreds Will Die: pp. 109
– Why did safety procedures at Foster’s fail to perform, in spite of repeated requests?
– Why was Foster’s fined a sum of money that was larger than expected/usual?
– What changes would you recommend to improve safety at Fosters?
– How did Worksafe Victoria’s director contrast Foster’s image and the reality?
– Ethically, what do you think Fosters should have done from the outset?

Please tick the correct answer:
1- When the corporation birth :
A- 1945.
B- 1918
C- 1712
D- all wrong.

Please watch the youtube show about the birth of corporation and make 8 questions.

Website link ( the corporation 2/23 birth

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