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1. At a recent strategic planning retreat of a 40 person multispecialty group, the administrator made a presentation that focused on the coming year?s plans to establish the organization?s first two (2) primary care satellites, which would be located in the two (2) growing suburbs of the community. These new additions would require the hiring of four (4) family practitioners and other support staff. When the administrator finished her presentation, one of the most senior physicians stood up and said, ?This is a foolish expenditure. We?re so busy now in this group, we can?t even see another patient. Our revenue was up 14 percent according to the previous financial presentation we heard. There is no reason to change what we?re doing.?

How should the administrator respond to this physician? Explain your response.

2. The administrator of a small, acute-care hospital is faced with his first managed care contract. He meets with representatives from the prepaid plan to discuss the amount to be paid to the hospital. The administrator is concerned because the managed care business does not look profitable?the hospital will be reimbursed below its current reimbursement levels.
In what ways might the administrator evaluate this new managed care business in terms of its economic value to his institution?
3.Determine the best way to leverage value from health IM / IT investments in today?s health care environment. Provide specific examples to support your response.
4. Discuss the system nature of health care and why it affects value estimation.
5.Compare and contrast benefit-cost, cost-effectiveness, and cost-utility analysis and determine which is the most useful to assess the value of health care services overall. Provide specific examples to support your response.
6. Analyze the four questions proposed by the IT Governance Institute (discussed in Chapter 10) and recommend at least one other question that should have been asked. Explain what major issue your additional questions would have addressed.

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