Strategic Policies Which U.S. Adopted to Defeat Communism Custom Essay

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The former president Ronald Reagan was seen by many as a man on charge because he defeated Soviet Communism. He articulated his vision which made the Americans feel good about them by making them overcome the negative memories about Vietnam and he aggressively combated Soviet expansion. Communism is the advancement of a country in abolishment all/most private ownership to be owned by the government…

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If Reagan administration should have avoided to finance military aid to Islamic mujahedeen. I do agree with these sentiments that the Reagan administration should have not have financed the military to the Islamic mujahedeen. By financing them the military grew to be very forceful and by the end of the financing and development period they become a very strong military force which threatens their neighborhood….

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European government realty mistrusted United States because of its inductiveness of the supporting human rights and formulation of foreign policy. However, President Reagan was much vocal and determined to ensure he eradicate communism. The president decided to use force and pressurize those countries which are sympathetic with communism to cease it. This enforcement is meant to ensure that the countries restructure their operations or cease to operate…

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